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JL Audio 12W0v3-4 12-inch (300 mm) Subwoofer Driver, 4 Ω

JL Audio


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W0v3 12-inch Subwoofer (300 W, 4 Ω)
The 12W0v3 is a rugged performer with excellent efficiency, excursion capability and linearity. Its overall performance envelope that puts it right at the top of its price class. It features a beefy 2 in. diameter voice coil and our patented Elevated Frame Cooling design for enhanced power handling and reliability.
The 12W0v3 is best used with amplifier power in the 75W - 300W range and is optimized to operate in a moderately sized 1.375 cu. ft. (38.9 l) sealed enclosure, or a 1.75 cu. ft. (49.6 l) ported enclosure.

Free Air Resonance (Fs) 28.43 Hz
Electrical “Q” (Qes) 0.715
Mechanical “Q” (Qms) 10.709
Total Speaker “Q” (Qts) 0.67
Equivalent Compliance (Vas) 2.530 cu ft / 71.64 L
One-Way Linear Excursion (Xmax) 0.45 in / 11.4 mm
Reference Efficiency (no) 0.22%
Efficiency (1 W / 1 m) 85.64 dB SPL
Effective Piston Area (Sd) 74.509 sq in / 0.0481 sq m
DC Resistance (Re) 4.280 Ω

Lineart diagram of empty round ported enclosure with Height (H), Width (W) and Depth (D) and port length (L) and port inner-diameter (ID) dimension labels

Wall Thickness 18 mm
Front Baffle Thickness18 mm
Volume (net int.) 1.75 cu ft / 49.6 L
External Width (W) 445 mm
External Height (H) 375 mm
External Depth (D)  413 mm
Internal Port Diameter (ID) 3 in / 76 mm
Port Length (L) 356 mm
Tuning Frequency (Fb) 26 Hz
F3 30.8 Hz

Enclosure Notes* The W0v3’s employ a pole vent to remove heat and pressure from the inside of the speaker. This vent is located within the JL Audio badge at the rear of the speaker. A minimum distance of 0.5 in (13 mm) is required between the back of the speaker and any wall of the enclosure to allow proper operation of the pole vent.* The enclosure recommendations listed above are external dimensions which assume the use of 0.75 in (19 mm) thick material. If you are using 0.625 in (16 mm) thick material, subtract 0.25 in (6.5 mm) from each dimension. Do not use any material with a thickness of less than 0.625 in (16 mm) as this may compromise the rigidity of the enclosure.* All enclosure volumes listed above are net internal volumes! Driver displacement, port displacement and brace displacement must be added to obtain the final gross internal volume. All enclosure dimensions above have already taken this into account.* When using multiple subwoofers in a common enclosure you will need to recalculate the enclosure and port dimensions. For assistance please contact your authorized JL Audio dealer or JL Audio Technical Support.* We recommend the use of this speaker in a bi-amplified system using high-quality satellite speakers and a high-quality amplifier. We do not recommend the use of this subwoofer with a passive crossover (coil), as this type of device will adversely affect performance.* All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Safety NoticeProlonged exposure to sound pressure levels in excess of 100dB can cause permanent hearing loss. This high-performance speaker can exceed this level. Please exercise restraint in its operation in order to preserve your ability to enjoy its fidelity.
When installing a subwoofer in your vehicle, it is extremely important to secure the enclosure firmly. We recommend bolting the enclosure through the metal of the floorpan or the frame of the vehicle with large diameter washers for reinforcement. If an enclosure is not firmly attached, it can become a projectile in a collision. This is particularly important in a hatchback, station wagon, sports utility vehicle, or van.

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